River Beach

Photos by João Cosme and Susan Gebench

Across the Grande Route of the Côa Valley there are several river beach where one can relax and enjoy the waters of Côa, especially at the municipality of Sabugal. Some have a picnic area and WC. Some are located along the GRVC and others have a signal post, pointing for a non-marked trail towards the river beach.

River Beach Parish Coordinates Stage (on foot)
Fóios Sabugal 40.286.525
 Stage 1
Vale de Espinho Sabugal 40.300.772
Stage 1
Quadrazais Sabugal 40.312.839
Stage 1
Sabugal Sabugal 40.348.597
 Stage 2
Rapoula do Côa Sabugal 40.418.367
 Stage 3
Vale das Éguas Sabugal 40.435.514
 Stage 4
Seixo do Côa Sabugal 40.464.167
Stage 4
Badamalos Sabugal 40.487.425
Stage 4
Malhada Sorda Almeida 40.542.450
 Stage 5
Castelo Bom Almeida 40.616.719
 Stage 5
Vale de Madeira Pinhel 40.786.650
Stage 7 West

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